Shelling Pea (Bush) - Stratagem

Shelling Pea (Bush) - Stratagem

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Thank you to a customer in B.C. who has shared this seed with us, having maintained it for many years, now enabling us to share it with you. It was released by Carters in England in 1879 and was awarded a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) First Class Certificate that year.

The Ann Arbor Register newspaper from January 1, 1891 says:
“The Stratagem pea is a deservedly popular sort … The plant bears numerous pods of large size and usually crowded with peas. It comes mid-season … It requires only about half the labor in picking demanded by other varieties. The plant is remarkably bushy, not over 18” high and entirely self-supporting, stem stout and stocky … and, leaves large and healthy.”

The plant is an attractive dark green bearing large pods which are easy to shell and contain tasty seeds!