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REMINDER: As recently announced, we are temporarily suspending the distribution of our vegetable seed collection for the 2022 seed selling season. Jim will continue the distribution of our collections of ​​"Flowers", "Grains" and "Other Seed Crops".

To serve our customers with access to up-to-date information on our inventory and to relieve our small two-person operation from the high labour (and cost) requirements in keeping a print catalogue current, our entire catalogue listing is available online at this website.

Browsing our current seed inventory, selecting items for purchase, ordering and paying online (paying by e-transfer or cheque are also available at checkout) are set up to make purchasing seeds from us easier for you.

For Canadian orders, all prices shown are pre-tax. Taxes will be automatically calculated at checkout according to the province selected for shipping.

Shipping Time & Packaging

During the peak ordering season (January - April), it MAY take up to 6 weeks to process an order. We encourage you to group orders whenever you can. This saves you on handling charges and can speed up the delivery time of your seeds.

In an attempt to keep our shipping prices low (for you and for ourselves), we package things in the most mutually beneficial ways possible. This may involve splitting your order into several parcels to get it through the mail for an appropriate rate. We also use recycled packaging materials as much as possible.

We often package multiple ordered packets of one variety in a single envelope together. If you do not want this please specify in the notes upon ordering.

We do ship worldwide but cannot guarantee delivery of parcels as one never knows what can happen at borders.

Order Pickup

We love to meet our customers! If you live near enough, you are welcome to pick up your seed order from Jim in person in Humboldt. Reach out to us to arrange the date, time, and location of pickup.

If you have any further questions, contact us.