Herb - Epazote Glossy

Herb - Epazote Glossy

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Epazote is an edible plant native to Central and South America as well as southern Mexico. It is a relative of amaranth, spinach, quinoa, etc. Best used fresh and added towards end of cooking paired with beans, and even used to make tea. In English it is sometimes called Mexican tea, goosefoot, skunk weed, or wormseed (alluding to its medicinal use against intestinal parasites).

Glossy is a variety from Wild Garden Seed where they say this about it:

"A refined selection with smooth green leaves and stems, uniformly aromatic and productive. Rodrigo, our Oaxacan-born field manager, says this is better than his home village kind. Farm Original Variety! OSSI (Open Source Seed Initiative) Pledged Variety."

Dysphania ambrosioides